Pruning, Thinning & Crownlifting

Specialist Pruning Services

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Pruning can take on many different forms: we will work with you to ensure you get the results you are looking for, whether it is to keep an unruly shrub at bay, to let more light into your property, improve your view or even to keep the neighbours happy.

Using our specialist thinning skills we can even selectively thin the canopy of your trees to allow more sunlight to filter through, making the most of the wonderful Hawke’s Bay sunshine.

Is your favourite tree blocking sunlight or restricting your view? Crownlifting may be right for you. Sometimes removing the lower branches can be all it takes to improve the quality of light or the vista without losing the tree.

Rest assured, that as with all our services, we will leave your property looking spick and span – we will take away all the debris from the pruning or thinning process for recycling.


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Pheonix palm pruning
Palm tree pruning completed