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About Us

With a combined 50 years experience in the industry, Bart Mulder and his dedicated team of 4 professional arborists at Proarbore provide tree maintenance services that are second to none.

Employing an arborist to look after your biggest assets is an important role for land owners. We can assure you that our qualified and experienced staff can assist from start to finish. We can come and assess your trees and then give sound advice to what course of action needs to be implemented.

Pro Arbore's vast range of services cover all aspects of tree work from pruning and felling to transplanting and planting.

Safety First

Proarbore takes safety to the public, their clients and their staff very seriously. They have water-tight procedures in place to assure that your work site is safe at all times. Proarbore is DOL audited and carries an A grade safety rating.

About Us